Tech Support Call Center Provides Help Desk Services

For our clients in the technology sector, we offer our technical support call center. When you have a problem with your hardware or software, the quality of the phone interactions the customer has is an important of your overall customer care plan and had a profound reflection on your brand image. With more independent equipment makers putting more and more technical products on the market, there is a great need for a high quality technical support call center that is capable of following your help desk protocols to give your customers the assistance they need. The right after purchase care, such as providing 24/7 product technical support, is a crucial element in your customer care plan and helps create a loyal customer base. Specialty Answering Service's technical support call center is available around the clock in our United States based call centers to help and respond to your customers quickly.

Customized and Professional Technical Support Call Center:

From how we interact with your callers to following your procedures, the entire customer interaction in our technical support call center is fully customizable. This includes following any escalation procedures, working directly within your interface to input technical information directly in your own proprietary support systems, and more. Types of systems we adapt to include managing the following types of phone calls:

We offer hourly rates on an as-needed basis as well as quarterly and monthly service plans. We're very flexible and willing to work with you to meet your needs. Our current hourly rate for server based networks is $50/hr. As always his is subject to change -- please ask for current rates before requesting service.

We have over 10 years of experience in providing computer/technical support professionally.