Tech Support Call Center

Our technical support call center provides services to clients in technical sector who are contemplating to transform their business processes and enhance their business value. With the team of experts and skilled professionals on the job, providing assistance on any type of technical issue is a cakewalk. The clients dealing with any hardware/software related issue would not have to wait any longer because of the 24*7 support by technical experts over the phone.

The technical support is an excellent way to boost your company reputation and differentiate your services from the market. Outsourcing technical call center services can be helpful in solving spectrum of purposes all together like providing outstanding service quality, customer centric solutions and creating a strong brand image with quick problem solving.

Customized and Professional Technical Support Call Center:

From customers enquiring about new products to making complaints about the services taken, the information shared by the help desks is significant. This real time monitoring has changed the outlook of technical market. This strategic move has helped many companies build strong relationship with clients, and improve their product quality with the highly valuable feedback by clients. From how we interact with your callers to following your procedures, the entire customer interaction in our technical support call center is fully customizable. We adapt various systems to manage different types of phone calls.

We offer hourly rates as well as quarterly and monthly service plans. These plans can be customized as per your requirements. Our current hourly rate for server based networks is $50/hr. Contact us to know more about the plans.