Maintenance offers you free upgrades to Product Releases, for example from Drupal 6.0 to Drupal 7.0 or from Joomla 1.5 to Joomla 2.5. To qualify for an upgrade, your Maintenance Contract must be current on the date of the relevant Product Release. Maintenance Contracts can only be started in conjunction with the services of Wepro, and last for 6 months. Maintenance Contracts can be renewed annually before the expiry date. We send reminder messages approximately one month before expiry. The Maintenance Contract includes the technical Support as well.


A Support Pack is a contract offering you technical support and advice by email from Wepro experts. This can include expedited fixes in advance of Patch Bundle releases. The contract may allow only a limited number of Chargeable Support Incidents. You can get further technical support by purchasing a Support Pack of extra Chargeable Support Incidents. Support Packs last for a fixed period of 6 months and may be purchased at any time.